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Please visit your Financial Institution's website and select the Ampre link to sign into your Ampre account.

when you buy, amplify!

Cash back offers are tied directly to your card from the most popular NATIONAL brands, plus your favorite regional and local retailers too. Create an account with your participating card or sign in and see how much you're saving.

Merchants can vary throughout the year, check back often to view the current offers.

How it works

Find Offers

Offers are tied to your participating card - browse all offers by signing into your account and selecting "View offers".


Simply use your participating card and sign for your purchase at participating merchants.


Earn on your everyday purchases. Remember to check back often as participating merchants can change!

Amplify Your Rewards

Save at thousands of local and national merchants. Offers come in three varieties - national, local, and special offers.

Sign in to view all of our participating retailers with over 30,000 locations nationwide!